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2017년 3월 26일

The reason I ‘m...

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( April. 2000. Hye Ja Moon)

*The reason I ‘m into the contemporary jazz especially the jazz in harmony with orchestra these days is not only because I have an ear for the 20th classic music, but also because the contemporary jazz is leading my mind to the more contemporary and liberal world of fantasy.

* There are some drawings that I have drawn as my desire led me to do.  Especially, among them are works that I made imagining that an odd rocket with its fire breathing tail was rushing into the space and some blocks of wood or stone and things were falling badly. When I look at such drawings that were made not only impromptu but focused in a state of almost unconsciousness I feel that my works come along with improvisational technique of jazz.

*As I began to study painting full-time, smoothly and rhythmically twisted figures most frequently appear on my drawings, and it is an attitude of jazz rather than that of classical music.  I drew an enormous volume of soft things twisted, scattered things around them, and portrayed a sky ladder or a keyboard of piano out of blue.  Imagining pieces of cloths wound about in the space I represented my mentality rhythmically, which fell into a maze. Surprisingly such works reminded me as a shaman costume in the Korean traditional shaman rite, Gut.

*The jazz tone leading my feelings, energy for work, and my mind to a fantastic world allowed my work to have strong colors and liberal and keen lines.  Especially, the improvisational musical performance by players on the stage of a jazz concert changed my work ever.  Unpredictable art works are regarded as a presentation of creativity.  The attraction of jazz that has led my work into the new one changed my work quite diversely.  From 3D to 2D, 2D to 3D, and to drawings that are linked with no end.  Since in college, I have indulged myself into classical music.  However, I feel rather bored with it now.  Jazz in usual clothes not classical music in full dress is more comfortable and dandy to me.

*I feel attracted by jazz which is rather realistic, shocking, and undisciplined but sometimes with exceptional skills.  One day I had a fresh experience mixed with confusion watching a musical called Rent in Miami whose stage settings are quite shocking.  It looks like an avant-garde art because of the crushed cars, a roaring sound, and strong colors in the dark, and performers in blue jeans.  Contemporary art, which seems already boring in order to succeed with only novel ideas, is to attract the viewers with the daring production that is left now.

*Though I knew the limitation of sculpture to express the feeling of jazz, the desire for colors and shapes in me accorded with the jazz tone naturally pulled the trigger for canvas works.

April. 2000. HyeJa Moon

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    7월 26일

    *My eyes capture the flashy light that goes across in a still and gravity-free silence. And I remember all the traces of the light, and take each particle of it to the canvas, as if ksana(the very short moment of time in Buddhism) is eternal. Could viewers understand this work? I hope every brush stroke of mine will catch the sight of the viewer. My last challenge is on. As Mattisee filled his works with passionate colors, I fill my lights in the canvas with bright colors. Also, I try to portray the instant light that I experienced with only dots, lines, faces and colors of the basic elements of painting just like Mondrian did. Without my knowledge, my hand releases the brush when my eyes are restored to serenity facing the captured moment on the canvas.
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    1월 1일

    The intense light source disturbed the natural harmony with the rays… What should I do? … I hesitated for a second when I emptied the light source off the center of the paintings. After all, I made a right decision. I continued a new change in the light series. I am proud of myself in a plastic way of expressing lights without describing the intense light source. In the meantime, I think I am blessed about coming across the philosophy of off-loading. The shiniest moment flies away with a flash, but calm emptiness stays much longer and brings more… 12/26 2018 Hye Ja Moon
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    2018년 11월 1일

    Hyeja Moon, Artist’s Note 2018. Oct. 26 Offloading is making room for something new. I, offloading the intense light source, leave the center and fill it with my gaze, my imagination, and my pleasure for a long time. I leave the center without description unlike painting the surrounding lays of light painstakingly. The unoccupied room embraces the world of imagination. And isn’t the space the light itself! Because the empty space is going to be filled with various imagination of the world.